Collector - Gets the data from sensors and equipment in RAMs and LOCs

Sensepoint- Measures a range of physical Properties (temperature, voltage, power) and more complex instruments (earth fault, points, ground frame, TDR)

Communicator - Uses a combination of existing connections with rail approved radio to send data from Collector to Warehouse 

Warehouse - Stores Data from Collectors and other sources and runs analytics, rules and sens alerts such as email or SMS.

Viewpoint - Displays information using dashboards, graphs, reports on any browser enabled terminal device or mobile app.

Let's look at the detail of how to build Asset Monitor for your Infrastructure... 


National & Global Client Base

Strategic Global Partners 

Asset Monitor operates today across all Network Rail regions to give you the information you need to detect developing faults in your infrastructure before becoming costly failures. Condition based maintenance is the only realistic option for equipment across the rail network to solve problems of access restrictions and improve efficiency.

Using the Internet of Things (IOT) technology as part of the Digital Railway, Asset Monitor uses data collectors and sensors that works autonomously, keeping you informed when you need it the most, even when major equipment failures block your view making this a complimentary system to COMPASS.